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Benefits of Getting Stata Help

  • Save Time - Don't waste hours stuck on complex Stata code or analyses. An expert statistician can quickly help identify and fix any issues that may occur.
  • Boost Skills - Learn proper Stata techniques, code, and best practices from an expert rather than self-teaching. You can gain skills to tackle future projects.
  • Correct Mistakes - Avoid costly errors that give incorrect statistical results. An expert checks methodology, coding, and interpretation.
  • Gain Insights - A statistician can help explain baffling outputs, provide context, and extract meaningful insights from results.

Our Features

Customer Support

We respond quickly to questions from our customers.

Statistical Software

We can handle complex analyses with most of the statistical software packages available


We offer customized reports.

Free initial Consultation

We will be glad to talk to you about your needs and how we can help

Competitive Prices

We specialize on efficient and affordable solutions for small and medium size business

Call us now!

Did we mention we have a free initial consultation?

and more...

Our rates depend on the complexity of the project, and can be on an hourly basis, or on a completed project basis, depending your needs. Our rates are very competitive
You can e-mail us, call us at 818-850-7850, or you can fax us at 651-691-2616.

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