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Statistics Consulting Services

What does a statistical consultant do?

Statistics Consulting

What is the rate for a statistical consultant?

Statistics Consulting

What are the benefits of statistical consulting?

Statistics Consulting

Why is consulting a statistician important?

What is the biggest benefit of hiring a consultant?

  • Gain powerful insights from data - A statistics consultant can analyze your company's data to uncover actionable insights, trends and opportunities that drive business growth
  • Optimize processes and increase efficiency - By leveraging statistical analysis, a consultant can identify areas for improvement, enhancing productivity, reducing costs and boosting your bottom line
  • Make confident strategic decisions - With the guidance of an expert statistician, you can base key business decisions on hard facts and statistical evidence rather than guesswork. Mitigate risk and maximize returns
  • Statisticians will contribute with their professional expertise, to give a view that perhaps your time cannot produce in-house
  • Peace of mind of a work expertly done, which is expected to come out right in one go
  • Quality of process and interpretation, saving your team countless hours
  • Know-how about the most up-to-date tools to do the job, to leverage your business data to a higher level
  • Help tune up internal process, improving your productivity
  • Free up resources used by your team from dealing with statistics issues they are not totally familiar with

Areas of Specialization

Statistical Software

SPSS, Minitab, Excel, STATA , SAS, EVIEWS, JMP, R projects

Regression Analysis

Multiple Regression, Hierarchical Regression, Logistic Analysis, Discriminant Analysis

Experimental Design

Analysis of Variance, Factorial ANOVA, Repeated Measures, Mixed Designs.

Multivariate Analysis


Power Analysis

Power Analysis and Sample Determination, Meta-Analysis

Basic Statistics

Descriptive Statistics, Parametric and Non-Parametric Hypothesis Testing

Scale Analysis

Reliability Analysis, Analysis of Scales and Dimensions

Data Reduction

Factor Analysis and Principal Component

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis, Social Sciences, NVIVO Projects

Dissertation Help

Paper Analysis and Review, Dissertation editing

Business Intelligence

Backend Automation, data processing and intelligent reporting


Linear and Non-linear Optimization, Models